LIVE Music,Thursday,Aug.9

Greg Goedewaagen TONIGHT at Windsor Station

LIVE Music Tonight!

LIVE music wraps us into the musical experience as an active participant. We feel the rhythms. Our response and energy transfers to the musicians which in turn produces a greater intensity in the music. Music holds a healing touch.

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Tonight you can experience the transfirmation of the energy of LIVE music at Windsor Station. Greg Goedewaagen begins his set at 7:00pm. Greg is earth centered. His feet are firmly planted in the soil of Vermont. I feel this through his music. Go hear him. Get to know him. 

Also tonight at Salt Hill Pub in Hanover is an Irish Trad Session. 

Jim Yeager will be at the Common Man in Claremont, NH. 

If you know of other Thursday LIVE music events, feel free to post in the comments. 


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