What’s with the Fancy Swan on Union Village Road?

Submitted 3 months ago
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Tom Haushalter

Northwest out of Norwich along Union Village Road, not even a mile, you begin to make out some kind of creature perched on a fencepost. It’s big enough, all right, and you’re ready to slow to a crawl to get a good look at whatever it is.

Closer still and you can see...a curled neck...a beak...a fancy hat?

But before you can register disappointment that it’s not, in fact, a real, live swan, you’re totally charmed by the idea of someone bothering to dress this decoy up in its Sunday best. And suddenly the swan feels iconic, stately, overlooking its scenic sliver of the Connecticut River Valley.

Anybody know its story? A local legend? Why the getup? Does the swan have a name? 

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