Summer at King Arthur Flour. What's a Local to Do?

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We need your help. The King Arthur Flour cafe is a great place: for breakfast, for lunch, for pastry, for bread, for coffee, for a snack.... But if you live around here, it can sometimes feel like you've wandered into some popular baked-goods spot in New York or Chicago.

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Don't get us wrong. This is a very good thing for the Upper Valley. In high summer -- and in fall, and, come to think of it, in pretty much every season except Mud -- you'll see cars from all over the country in the parking lots. 

We want to be welcoming to these visitors and their enthusiasm. But we also want our danish and coffee without having to spend our time in line tapping out apologetic texts to the people we were supposed to be meeting.

So here's our question: What dodges have you figured out? Is it just a matter of the time of day? Is it knowing when the Grab & Go counter will be open?

Let us know! Leave a comment below, or email us at We'll do a roundup of answers next week -- a sort of locals' survival guide to King Arthur Flour. 

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