Help Your Neighbors By Picking Blueberries? Seems Like a No-Brainer.

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Worth Knowing

Willing Hands, the local nonprofit that keeps food from going to waste, is throwing a pop-up gleaning shindig tomorrow, Aug. 8. You can join them in Weathersfield, VT, to harvest blueberries. They won't go to waste.

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As Willing Hands says, "Our generous partner farms are welcoming our volunteers to pick the blueberry bounty this year, but we need many willing hands to help!"

Or, more succinctly on its gleaning page: Keeping wholesome food from going to waste and delivering it to our neighbors in need.

Email or call (802) 698-0265 for more information. You can sign up online at

And hey, if a few berries happen to find their way to your own mouth? No one's going to tell.


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