How to Shop for Your New Favorite Seat

The most desirable seat in the house is usually upholstered. Comfy and conforming, upholstered couches and chairs transform a corner into a nook and any room into living space. When shopping for that favorite seat, consider its underlying frame, cushion construction, and fabric quality. 

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1.) Look at the tag or ask the manufacturer to tell you what type of wood was used to build the frame. Frames constructed from hardwoods create the most durable furniture, but frames built from pine wear sooner. The frame should not be stapled together. Instead, seek those attached with glue and dowels or tongue-and-groove joints.

2.) For ultimate comfort, the top of the springs should be covered in three layers: a cushion of cotton or polyester batting, a foam pillow, and finally a layer of muslin.

3.) Ensure that the pattern and design of the fabric complement your décor. Many manufacturers and dealers offer a selection of patterns and colors. Bring fabric samples and color chips from your home to help you determine which style suits your space best. Most people prefer neutral colors and patterns for their sofa and chairs while expressing originality through pillows and blankets.

4.) Select a heavyweight fabric covering such as leather, woven wool, or upholstery weight velvet. To test the density of the fabric, hold it to the light. The densest and most durable fabric will allow little light to pass.

5.) Finally, sit on the sofa or chair for a few minutes before deciding if it is comfortable. Remember, this may be where you binge-watch the latest Netflix series. After two hours, little discomforts can quickly become major annoyances.

 6.) Buy close to home. In general, American-made furniture distributed close to its factory has the highest standards of quality. 


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