PHOTOS: Mail truck swerves off embankment in order to avoid hitting dog in Hartford

HARTFORD - A postal delivery driver plunged over a steep embankment and sped nose-first down into a garden that sits in a field below Jericho Street on Monday afternoon in order to avoid running over a local resident's dog.

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    "There was a black dog sitting right in the middle of the road.  I didn't have time to get much of a description but he had four legs and a tail," joked Postman Aaron Downing who walked out of the mishap without a scratch despite some truly terrifying moments.

    "It was scary.  I have an issue with my back and when I was halfway down the slope I thought it was going to flip," Downing recalled.  

The accident happened a short distance south of the intersection with Newton Lane

    The small white truck, which in postal parlance is known as an LLV, for long-life vehicle, dates from the early 1990s and was in good enough shape that it was driven away under its own power once it was pulled a couple of vehicle-lengths back up to the blacktop.

    Downing said he has almost nine years experience driving mail trucks and had spent the past six months working as the postmaster at the White River Post Office before returning to driving a postal route three weeks ago.    

    The dog, who lives at a nearby residence, was not injured and was picked up by his owners and taken home.

Downing (maroon shirt) looks on as Hartford Police Officer Dan Solomita and a passerby remove wire torn off an electric fence from the bumper

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