Baby, it's hot out there! I'll take a maple creemee with a side of Red Sox and A/C, please

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Jeff Good

As the mercury climbed toward 90 degrees, I drove through the Rte. 12A commercial snarl and south along the Connecticut River. My goal: a frosty maple creemee. 

In Plainfield, I turned onto River Road and felt the tension melt as the river flowed to the right and the family agricultural operations — Edgewater Farm, Riverview Farm and McNamara Dairy — spread out across the fertile fields to the left. 

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My destination was Mac's Maple at McNamara Dairy, whose creemees drew rave reviews in an informal DailyUV readers poll I launched earlier this summer. But when I pulled into the parking lot, I learned Mac's is only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

Time for a Plan B, and make it quick! I thought about heading north to Ice Cream Fore-U in West Leb but I had my heart set on soft-serve maple, so instead I continued south and crossed the Cornish Covered Bridge to Windsor. 

There, at Boston Dreams on State Street, I got my wish — and a bonus. 

Boston Dreams is a coffee/sandwich/scoop shop that offers plenty of fancy ice cream flavors: Mississippi mud piece, cranberry nut chocolate chip, sea salt caramel, campfire s'mores and the like. But when it's this hot outside, a guy doesn't want to grapple with tough choices. 

He just wants a maple creemee, ideally one made with real Upper Valley maple syrup. For $3 and an extra buck into the tip jar, I got just that. 

The bonus: I got to eat it amid a gallery of Red Sox memorabilia and — bless the owners' hearts — an air conditioner cranking full-blast. 

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