"That didn't exactly go as planned." Share your failed experiment story with the Montshire!

Submitted 3 months ago
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Tom Haushalter

Who says the Montshire Museum is only for kids? Every month or so, the museum hosts an adults-only evening, allowing us to explore the many wonderful exhibits—at a grown-up pace. Which is to say, leisurely and with a drink in hand.

The next chance for that experience, an event called Montshire Unleashed, is October 19. And for part of that event, Montshire is seeking storytellers to share personal, unwritten, impromptu stories on a particular topic.

October’s topic: Experiments Gone Awry.

We’ve all conducted an experiment—in the kitchen, in the workshop, in the lab—and whether done to satisfy a curiosity or to MacGyver our way out of a jam, for whatever reason it failed spectacularly. If you’ve got a doozy of a story to share, definitely submit your idea to jennifer.rickards@montshire.org by September 17 to be considered for one of three storytelling spots.

Depending how awry those experiments went, it may be a good thing your kids aren’t there to get any ideas.

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