Donna Stearns has her eye on a carpet spot, and it doesn't stand a chance.

The Marion Cross summer scrubdown: top to bottom

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Mark Travis

When the kids return to Marion Cross School on Aug. 29, it's a good bet they'll be well scrubbed. The school will be well scrubbed too. 

Donna Stearns and her custodial colleagues, Tammy Severance and Maria Spaneas, began upstairs. They pull everything out each classroom. They scrub the tile floors. They clean the ceilings -- cobwebs! -- and wipe down all the walls. They apply three coats of fresh wax. Then they scrub everything they took out before putting it back.

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The carpets don't escape the deep clean either. "Tammy's the wizard of the carpet extractor," Stearns say.

Now that's a job title!

Here's what the process looks like.

Everything out ...

Washed and waiting ...

Ready for action!


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