'Food & Wine' Likes the Upper Valley. Take That, 'Seven Days'!

Photo by Woodstock Farmer's Market

Food & Wine, the 40-year-old food mag that's a darling among chefs and restaurateurs, is out with a piece by New Hampshire-born Boston chef Mary Dumont (Cultivar) on her eight favorite food stops in Vermont. No fewer than three of them are in the Upper Valley.

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Whew! We can pick ourselves up off the floor. Readers of Seven Days, the Burlington weekly, could only find one favorite around here.

What does Dumont like? Simon Pierce in Quechee, and the Woodstock Farmer's Market and F.H. Gillingham & Sons in Woodstock. From there she moves on to The Alchemist in Stowe, then Shelburne Farms, and a few places in Burlington.

Okay, sure. There are a few obvious places missing (really? no King Arthur Flour?). But if you think in terms of a Bostonian's road trip up I-89, with the first stop in Vermont being off Exit 1, it kinda makes sense. Here's hoping that some day, Dumont is moved to go explore what's off I-91.


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