Who puts a telephone pole IN the street, anyway?

Well played, Audi with your side mirror tucked in. Well played.

Here's one thing I don't like about Norwich: The Telephone Poles of Sideview Mirror Death. 

There are three of them, standing between Tracy Hall and Bayada Hospice along Main Street. Only they're not actually "along" Main Street. They're in Main Street.

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So if you're signaling left and looking over your shoulder for oncoming traffic -- as a responsible driver should, we can all agree on that -- it's easier than it should be to bust your sideview mirror.

It happened to my daughter a few summers back when she happened to be driving my car. And I don't blame her. It could have been me. Or you!

But now you've been warned.

Perhaps you're wondering why the sideview mirror on my red Fiesta is aftermarket replacement part black ...

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