Meet a teacher who's back to school already

Submitted 3 months ago
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Mark Travis

You'll never guess who I ran into today at the Marion Cross School. A teacher! What are you doing here, Ginny Moore? 

"Envisioning next year," said Moore as we stood there together sweating in her first-grade classroom.

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What does that mean, exactly?

"A class full of great activity!"

Why change it up from last year?

"Because I always like to try something new."

And what might that be?

More space for quiet, individual work. More space for collaborative work. And a good flow, for getting from one space to another.

Moore and all her colleagues are due back for good on Aug. 24. There's an open house for students to check out their classrooms on Aug. 28, and school starts Aug. 29.

All of which is not to rush things. Enjoy the summer!


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