Where Can You Find the Best Cheesecake Around Here? How About Breakfast Sandwiches? Discuss.

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Here’s a question: Where can you find the best coleslaw in the Upper Valley? And another: What do you think about the 4 Aces’ chicken & waffles?

Or how about this: Have you ever called a restaurant for takeout and been told they can’t do it tonight because they’re too busy in-house? Is this an outrage, or understandable? Feel free to weigh in.

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Welcome to Upper Valley (VT/NH) Foodee, a Facebook group devoted to… well, it’s pretty obvious. Founded a few months ago by Chris Ng (pronounced “ing”), a portfolio manager and financial planner at Ledyard Financial Advisors in Hanover, it’s already got close to 300 members.

This is not Chris’s first food-related Facebook group. A few years ago, he created one on Chinese restaurants in the Upper Valley, rating them on how they prepared four of his favorite dishes. (The upshot? He says that Hanover’s Orient and Woodsville NH’s Sunny Garden both do a “decent” job — though he notes that other restaurants have perfectly good dishes that didn’t happen to be among his four). 

Upper Valley Foodee’s rules are simple: “While everyone will be welcomed, long winded bashing of anyone or any establishments will be removed and poster banned. It will not be a democracy.” Chris explains: “I want no griping and no bashing. If you think you have food poisoning from a restaurant, that better be a credible accusation.”

But really, so far the conversation's been congenial. "I mean, food touches all of us. And who doesn't love food?" Chris says, then pauses. "Well, maybe some people, I suppose." He doesn't need to add: They're not the audience for Upper Valley Foodee.

That photo above? That's the group's first joint venture -- to Samurai Soul Food in Fairlee. Oh, and the best coleslaw? Big Fatty's, Wicked Awesome BBQ and the Weathervane all got mentions. So did KFC. Which drew this response from one member: "Pretty sure my coleslaw is better than that over processed thing you call food. KFC is gross along with any other fast food joint. There's so many restaurants that are opening their doors and end up losing to the fast food." Pretty sure that'll wind up being a discussion, too.

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