Another Foodie Success Story in Fairlee, VT

Samurai Soul Food's greeter-cum-bicyclist offers a taste of things to come - food & fun!

Samurai Soul Food for Fascinatingly Delicious Fare & Atmosphere

I went there this winter and haven't gone back since but, boy, do I want to. It was a snowy night and my family was visiting from some far country. They didn't want the ordinary, and we weren't up for cooking that night. My wife suggested we give "that place in Fairlee" a try, and we headed north for a first time visit to Samurai Soul Food which has been ongoing for two years. Time really does fly!

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As the name might suggest, this restaurant is not your ordinary fare. Even the "greeter," a fashionably down-home, dressed-up mannequin in a sombrero standing next to a blue bicycle near the front entrance suggests this place is pretty quirky and different. Walk in and you'll be greeted by a friendly server who seats you and, in our case, sat down with us to go over the menu. We felt like family right from the start!

Right smack on Route 5 in Fairlee, VT — the street view.

A collection of vinyl records on the wall and some pretty funky design elements that adorn the interior make this little 35-seat restaurant an absolute must see for atmosphere. But do stay for the food. We're talking about everything from fusion to comfort food, and in combinations that may seem almost too eclectic at first blush but taste wonderful on the tongue. 

Vinyl and a disco ball adorns the interior. These guys have a great sense of humor and flair for the unusual.

Try their lobster rangoon as an appetizer. You'll be licking your fingers in short order. Or sample their Korean BBQ Chicken Tacos and just dive into your own little slice of heaven on a plate. The four of us shared, so I got to sample the Tikka Masala, the Shrimp Stir Fry, the Mac & Cheese Quesadilla, and the Tuna Nachos. Everything was a delight. The raw, sushi grade tuna nachos were a particular treat — and this in the only landlocked state in New England! We all liked it all, and the servers made it a fun experience despite the snow getting ever deeper outside. 

Lobster rangoon a la Samurai. You won't need a sharp sword here—fingers will do just fine!

There's my somewhat overdue take on a restaurant that seems to be thriving, and that I'll certainly get back to visit as soon as I can. I noticed on my way driving by that they've now added an outdoor seating area for the summer months. What better way to enjoy a delicious fusion intrusion on your palate, knowing the Whippi Dip is right next door for a summer ice cream cone for dessert?

I'm all in!

More happy diners in a fun place to sit, relax, and enjoy the fare!


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