Nevermind "can't."

Shift your focus

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Gene Soboleski

mindset is key

Have you said any of these things?

"I can't exercise because I can't afford to go to the gym."

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"I can't buy organic food because it is too expensive."

"I can't workout today because I don't have the time."

"I can't go to the BBQ because I will eat too much junk."

I have said ALL of these, on several occasions. What happens then, is that I end up feeling like I have failed before I even begin. I don't exercise, and then feel weak. I buy canned veggies and then wonder about sodium. And then I either stay home and miss out on a good time with friends, or I go and eat waaaaay too many hot dogs and feel like crap for two days.

When I shift my mindset, however, I am still able to help improve my health (or whatever), without needed to make drastic changes. Check this out, using the above examples.

Even though gyms are too expensive for me, I CAN still exercise with body weight, and maybe some items I have at home.

Organic foods might be pricey, but I CAN buy some frozen veggies instead if canned, and get more nutrition from them.

I would like to workout for half an hour today, and I CAN break that up into 10 minute chunks to get it done.

I CAN eat some healthy food at home before I go to the BBQ, and still enjoy ONE hot dog while I chat with friends.

It doesn't take much to swing the pendulum into a healthy direction. Sometimes we just need to focus on what we CAN do, and do that.

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