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And even a harmonica too !! (check out the you tube video)

I recently read a post in a Norwich List Serve that Bob Totz recently did. I thought it would make for a nice story. I first met Bob as Postmaster of Norwich, when he transferred to Norwich from the White River Junction Post Office and became one of my employees.  He went on to become the Postmaster of Post Mills Vermont for 19 years and recently retired from the US Postal Service with 32 years of service. 
Bob stated that he started playing music at age 7 on harmonica, age 10 on trumpet,  and age 14 on guitar. Bob started composing original songs in 2007 when he was a choir director at St. Anthony's in White River Junction.
Here is his List Serve post"

There once was a man who played the guitar.  He didn’t want to be famous or travel very far.

He wrote the songs that came from his head.  Sometimes they’d wake him right out of bed!

In the middle of the night, you see, he’d suddenly awaken with a new “tune-to-be”.

If the melody was good, he’d get up and write - two or three AM, composing by moonlight.

Waltzes and Bluegrass, Gospel and Folk.  Whatever you call them, this was not a joke.

He’d spend five minutes or three hours on a song,  Then go back to sleep and it wouldn’t be long.

He’d get up excited, “I’ve got a new tune!  Then go and rewrite it and then pretty soon,

You’d hear him playing it on his guitar, and you’d know the new lyrics couldn’t be far.

And then the harmonica comes in for some fun, and before you knew it a new song would be done.

Songs about history, songs about trains, songs about Ponies, and slogging through the rain.

Songs about traveling, songs about love, songs about inventing, songs from above.

Songs about disaster, songs about success. Songs about American History’s best.

People like Morey, and Andrews, and Byrd.  Songs you might like, but have never  heard.

So...the guitar playing composer was playing a lot.  Two hours a day in the same lonely spot.

“I’ve got to get out and play for some folks”, he thought.  “And show off this nice Martin guitar that I’ve bought.”

To be continued...

You can hear some of Bob's songs here:

He will play his songs anywhere

Here is a you tube video that was done by Chad Finer a while ago

Bob Totz playing at the Grand Opening of the Blue Sparrow Kitchen

His e-mail address is :

Bob practicing one of his songs

If you want to hear Bob play, he will be performing at the Norwich Grange Breakfast on Saturday, August 25, 2018 from 8:30 to 9:30 Am.
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