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"Cursed" South Royalton Circles the Wagons -- With Humor, Music, and a Food Truck Rally

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Let's say you live in a town you love. It's got fine people, great restaurants, a popular food co-op, a nationally known law school, a couple of the best-regarded organic farms in the region... and an image problem.

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Just in the last year there's been a murder, the school's principal turned out to be a voyeur, the town's (now former) police officer eventually fessed up to stealing drugs from a police locker to give to his girlfriend, and a Utah entrepreneur set his sights on part of your land for a massive development. To cap things off, the local newspaper's best-read columnist wondered in print if you were cursed

So what would you do? Well, what would anyone do? Throw the town's first-ever food-truck rally, of course!

That would be the Circle the Wagons Food Truck Rally -- with music by Haywire -- on Wednesday, August 22, starting at 5 pm. Why Wednesday? "We didn't want to compete with the mad rush for valuable weekend time at the end of the summer," says Stuart Levasseur, the event's organizer.

Levasseur also happens to be chair of the town planning commission, which is not your usual venue for a den of food-truck enthusiasts. "Planning commissions are usually focused on development and the environment," he explains. "We saw it as a chance to raise awareness of our town aside from the bad press we have received in the past year. Food truck rallies are really popular right now, so we thought it would be a way to get some good exposure." The timing's not bad. Vermont Law School, which is sponsoring the band, is holding orientation that week--so there's a decent chance new students will show up, in addition to all the locals who want to turn the page on South Royalton's bad patch.

And the food trucks? So far, there'll be:

-- La Pizza Lupo by Ed Repsa, which is based in South Royalton. Repsa uses a restored 50's Ford truck with a pizza oven on the back.

-- Kona Ice of NH, with shaved ice and drinks.

-- Dartmouth's The Box, with its always interesting mix of food.

-- WRJ's Wicked Awesome BBQ

In addition, Levasseur has invited Nutty Steph's, the Middlesex, VT-based chocolaterie, but they'll only show up if it's cool enough that their chocolate won't melt. There may be other vendors as well -- "I am finding that planning an event like this is not simply call them and they will show up," Levasseur says. "The trucks want to ensure there will be enough of a crowd to support them and it's not easy to estimate since this is a first-time event." 

Unlike other food-truck gatherings, Circle the Wagons isn't charging admission. So here's a suggestion: pack some fold-up chairs or a blanket and go have a good time. How many times in your life do you get to help an entire town kick a curse to the curb?



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