Does This Goat Make Me Look Zen?

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Here's To Living A "Hell-Yes" Life

A while back - sometime between my diagnosis and the start of this blog - there was a cancer story arc on a favorite, now-cancelled TV show called "Playing House". It was a magical three seasons of television, and if you haven't watched it yet, I'm jealous that you still have it to look forward to. 

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The storyline to which I am referring had one of the two best friends fighting breast cancer and the other standing fiercely and lovingly by her side from beginning to (happy) ending. It was inspired by the real-life experience of the lead actresses, who also write the show and are actual best friends. Nikki and I would watch episodes separately, then text each other through eyes clouded with tears. Their story, while unique, reflected so much of ours, and it made us love those characters even more. Then into the series stepped Cookie, a cancer survivor who taught Emma about her philosophy of living the "Hell Yes" life. Don't turn away joy. And don't assume that something won't bring you joy just because it's novel or scary. Let it in; take the risk; invite the joy.

That's why, when my friend Mindi texted to see if I was interested in doing something kind of nutty last Saturday morning, there was only one answer I could give. 

Hell, yes.

And that, my friends is how I ended up here:

That's right. I went to Baby Goat Yoga at Wellwood Orchards. Yoga. With baby goats. You do the poses while they wander around, supervised by their mama, and sometimes climb on people and sometimes nibble on your hair.

You may have some questions.

When you’re in Child’s Pose, might you get gently head-butted in your side body? Yep.

Do you need to just accept the fact that you may be sharing the mouthpiece of your water bottle with one of these precious critters? You do.

Will they steal your shoes? Not if you put them in the nearby pigpen that has been cleared out for just this protective purpose.

Was there poop? Sure there was. It felt so apropos after last week's post. The lesson again was to just accept that poop is a part of it and enjoy it anyway. Shout out to the yoga instructor, Aggie, and to her sisters, who were happy to walk around and clean up the little messes that popped up (or, rather, out) during the course of the class. 

I felt joy that morning because I invited it in. I'm so grateful to my dear friend Mindi for bringing me to the orchard to find it. And I can't wait to see what will be the next question that I get to say "Hell Yes" to. As for you, you may want to check out Baby Goat Yoga, now a regular Sunday morning practice at Wellwood. It really is a delight.

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