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lost cause

What is it that makes one Doctor the right  Doctor? I feel it is a good bedside manor and a little compassion with a dash of Empathy. I have not found that as of yet, what I have found is a major God complex and Doctor's who are over worked with little sense of personal care. I am a very hard person to deal with when it comes to my lack of faith and trust in the current Medical Care System. I know my body and my history better then any Doctor could ever hope to know.......so I feel like as a person dealing with multiple health conditions, I as the patience should be shown the utter most respect that any Doctor and I mean any Doctor dealing with me should review my entire medical history before they treat me, why are Doctor's so overwhelmed what is their side of the story and who will tell it to the masses so we all know how better to deal the the numerous specialist in a way that our Primary can and will improve our quality of life not just our quantity of life?     

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