Jessica Keene and her daughter, Amaree. Keene lost her mother to suicide at age 11, and it grieves her that her children will never know their grandmother.

What's up with the Quechee Gorge suicide note nitpickers? Trade in your grammatical rules for some heart, people.

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Jeff Good

No sooner had I posted a story about two women posting notes on the Quechee Gorge bridge than the self-appointed nitpickers showed up. 

Jessica Keene and Jessica Arruda affixed the handwritten notes to the railings of a span where too many people have ended their lives. Their goal: to stave off suicides by offering words of encouragement and hope. 

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But then the nitpickers arrived to point out that one note said "you're" instead of "your," to ask whether all the notes were properly laminated to guard against the weather, to label the heartfelt messages "litter." 

"This is a wonderful idea but I wish the note that is pictured wasn’t grammatically incorrect," wrote one Facebook user. Said another, "The sentiment is nice but the glaring misspelling is not." A third scoffed, "Litter on the bridge." 

Are you serious, people? 

Happily, the nitpickers found themselves in the minority. More than 2,000 people have read the story about the compassion of Keene and Arruda, and dozens have taken to social media to praise them and answer the handful of critics. 

"Do you really think that anyone who is contemplating jumping the bridge cares about grammar?" wrote Geri Williams. "Much more important issues. I give these girls a huge amount of credit for recognizing a need and doing something to help people rethink their decisions."

"Thank you," Colette Buisson wrote. "I’m sorry for the loss of your mom. I lost my son to suicide last month, so I understand the complete heartbreak it brings to loved ones left to grieve. Again, thank you for all the work you put in to helping someone in their darkest hour. God bless." 

"I lost a beloved younger sibling to suicide and believe that had he wrapped his hands around a note like this it would have given him moment to pause," wrote Pattie Birch Fried. "They will be heartbreaking, but beautiful reminders to anyone who is feeling desperate in that moment or simply there to take in the beauty of the location."

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