Meet Medusa

Submitted 4 months ago
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Anita Hamalainen

Medusa enjoys puttering around in her rock garden, walks on (non-sandy) beaches, and listening to Metallica and Flaw. As an undergrad at MIT, she studied geology and oceanography and joined the rock climbing club. She is also an amateur herpetologist and keeps a small den of snakes for company.

As a bit of a status symbol, Medusa drives a 2012 Chevy Avalanche, though not very often due to being a self-proclaimed homebody.

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Medusa is a solitary soul and is not looking for companionship. Her last relationship ended poorly, to say the least, and she shies away from commitment. Truth be told, though, she's afraid of falling head over heels for someone and losing her head. To keep herself centered, Medusa practices a blend of yoga and martial arts and drinks green tea. She also makes one mean garlic scape hummus.

Medusa comes to my house via our CSA from the rolling hills of Sunrise Farm in Hartford.


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