Looking For a Career In Computers? Cybersecurity in Healthcare at RVCC Might Just Be I/T!

If you are a problem-solver who loves to learn, enjoys research, and can talk to people without making them feel like they are idiots because they don't know their USB from their JPEG, it may be time for you to enroll yourself in one of the three Computer Technology programs at River Valley Community College. Just ask the Program Coordinator, Bob Morris.

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Bob has been working/directing the Information/Technology programs at RVCC for five years, finding himself back at his alma mater after a long and varied career in mechanical design, drafting, engineering, marketing, and digital forensics. After a few minutes on the phone with him, I began to feel like I was talking to a real-life Geordi La Forge. You have to be able to embrace change and to learn new things to be in this field, he told me, because that's the nature of technology. 

Computers have infiltrated daily life. This is not blog-worthy news. But if you've ever tried to manage your health information on the my D-H portal, as I have on my journey with Colon Cancer, computer technicians who specialize in cybersecurity in healthcare are some of the most important people that you have never met. 

How do you figure out how to design and maintain rapidly growing information databases and online systems for a field with ridiculously big, foreign words that the average Joe can't begin to spell, much less use in a sentence? You take RVCC's "Topics In Healthcare" class. 

How do you juggle stringent HIPPA laws with the need for folks like me to access their medical information? I have no idea. But Bob and his faculty know. And they teach it in their "EMRS/IACAP" class. I'm not going to tell you what those letters stand for because word count matters and I want you to look it up, But I will offer the program description: "As medical records continue to transition into electronic forms, the Healthcare IT profession needs to be aware of how the data is used and stored by software. Additionally, the Healthcare IT professional needs to be able to assess the entire IT system and ensure that the system is hardened against attack while meeting industry accreditation and certification standards." Check this class out. I need for some of you folks to be experts in this so the next time I need to get notes from an oncology visit, they pop up with just a password and a couple of mouse clicks. I thank you in advance.  

As with the field itself, the Computer Technology programs are constantly growing and changing. Bob is working on developing cooperative relationships with healthcare institutions and other technology centered places of business in order to provide more internship and hands-on experiences for RVCC students. 

If you have a knack for terabytes and source codes, and if the charm of a small school with the experience and dedication of teachers like Bob appeal to you, plan to attend their Open House on August 8 from 4-7pm in Claremont to meet the faces of the department and learn more about how you might fit in. There are giveaways including the chance to win a free three-credit course!. And FREE PIZZA. Don't miss it!


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