Angel's are always with the.....

Jeffery Dahmer

Submitted 4 months ago
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All good

So as I sat on a park bench with a serial killer my only thought was hummmm....I feel no fear, I feel no anger, I feel no bother.......and does that mean I could charm the pant's off Satan himself? It felt like the same emotional numbness as when I had to deal with a serial rapist while traveling in Tennessee last summer......I never thought about how strong I had to be in the moment to be able to walk away Scott Free and life to tell about mind always remembers three things fight, flight or freeze.....just my nature from a life time of any one of those three choices. It is hard to explain the calibration of each second of each and every encounter with such individuals but at least they are up front and in your face no holding back who they are it is the ones who you never see coming, the ones no ones speaks of, the ones we all fear is so near and we never know.....or just do not want to know the depth of another's depraved conception of right and wrong.....good or evil......I feel bless to be watched over by some very special Angel's        

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