Are These the Best French Fries in the Upper Valley?

French fries. The Robin to your burger’s Batman. The Sonny to its Cher. They’re not always the star attraction, are they? Except when they are. And the restaurants and eateries who take fries to the next level have a special place in my heart.

A good sign that a place does fries right is when they’re a standalone menu item, not just a small-print side dish—but when it bothers to mention exactly how they’ve been seasoned, what oil they’ve been swimming in, and these words: “served with housemade garlic aioli.”

The French fries at Thyme in White River Junction should probably be classified a Schedule 1 narcotic at this point. Of course I’m kidding, but honestly—they’re unquittable. You know this to be true.

So where do YOU go for superior french fries? Tell us your favorite in the comments! 
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