Return to Lake Sunapee State Beach

A gaggle of Canada geese grazing at the public beach at Sunapee State Park in Newbury, New Hampshire.

Great weather, room temperature water, and interesting finds keep the excitement of treasure hunting going

I love how quickly my electronic piggy bank is filling up with all the coins I discovered metal detecting this summer.

Pretty soon I'll have enough found money to buy a full tank of gas.

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The thrills of this lucrative hobby continued this past Saturday on my return visit to the public beach at Sunapee State Park in Newbury, New Hampshire.

My first time metal detecting at the beach was back in April. The lake was still frozen over then, and the beach area packed thick with ice.

I managed to find a penny for my trouble.

It's not easy living large in the Upper Valley.

My second visit to the state beach, however, was simply amazing. The quarters kept coming out of the sand as fast as I could locate them, dig them up and stick them in my pocket.

Lost and found: two toy cars, a hair band, an earring, a possible silver charm, and $2.88 in loose change, mostly in quarters. 

Thanks to the highly sensitive nature of my Garrett Ace 250 I was able to locate and scoop out of the lake water a 1988 quarter. The zinc coating had nearly worn clean off after all the time the coin had spent in the water exposed to the changing seasons.

My first find of the day -- a 1988 quarter lying on the lake bottom about 15 feet from the shoreline.

The weather was comfortable and the water shallow and slightly above room temperature. I had a great time snorkel diving in the crystal clear water and wading for treasure with the metal detector. Its ability to find even the smallest metal objects never ceases to amaze me.

Knee deep in hot water. (Darla Sterett photos)

My ultimate metal detecting adventure is on the moon, of course:-)

Dare to dream:-)


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