Trinity Church Sunday Morning

Trinity Church

Church on my mind

It has not been long that I walked into a Church and felt the Spirit of Great Source, God or Holy Spirit however you would like to title what I am saying. I have had some very deep conversations with the Member's of the Trinity Church and I always find them compassionate, energetic and with a high Spirit for the community. I am from the South so you could say I was raised in the Bible Belt as they call it and, I got a good education on the Bible,  at 10 years old I was moved to Vermont and I got a different education on the Bible. The South is thick with unbending view point's so when I got to Vermont the openness of Religion just had me in a whirlwind of confusion. In the early part of my adulthood raising my children we were studying with the JW's  so I got an even deeper education on the Bible from there I studied numerous Religion's in College as it related to my Major and allow my Minor to be a perfect mirror of my Degree. I find people in each and every Religion and God in each and every person. So if you would like to sit with these awesome folks and have a coffee and a deep meaningful conversation please stop into the Trinity Church here in Windsor.


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