Another Open Letter to President Trump

Dear President Trump, I’m glad you’re pleased with the recent report on the growth of the American economy. Yes, a 4% increase is impressive. Of course, up here in New England we are always a bit skeptical of change. I’ve lived in Cornish Flat since 1970, but I’m still a newcomer to some people in town.

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I have to admit that I’m not sure why bigger is better. I mean look at Mookie Betts. He’s the Red Sox star player who can not only hit homers, he has best batting average in the major leagues, and he can steal bases, too. But he’s only 5’ 9” tall, and weights a scant 180 pounds. Bigger is not always better.

It seems to me that since the terrible crash in 2008 we’ve recovered nicely. Obama saved the auto manufacturers and most of the big financial institutions. Everybody paid the government back. Unemployment is low, at least up here.  

Call me what you want, but I don’t see why the economy has to grow every quarter. What’s wrong with the status quo? You’ve threatened Canada, China and the European Union with trade wars and tell us this will benefit Americans.

But if aluminum and iron cost more because of tariffs, won’t that mean I’ll pay more for my next car? I need a new car, by the way. My 2005 Matrix (a Toyota made in America) is rusting out, and won’t pass inspection next April.

My Toyota Matrix is getting rusty down under. Small, but efficient, it has served me well. 

And even though you don’t like government regulations, it makes sense to me that we get our cars inspected. I never look under my car, but my mechanic told me after my last inspection that the frame is about rusted through. I’d hate to have it fall apart while I was driving it.

I’m hoping you will tell us soon about your meeting with Putin. I’m just a simple gardening guy, but I don’t trust him. I know you think you can trust him, even if it what he says doesn’t jibe with what our intelligence people say. I know you are a tough guy, but I hope you’ll also listen to folks who have been dealing with the Russians for decades.

I’m glad that you decided you could tell ICE to get kids back together with their parents. Up here, nobody could figure out why that had to happen in the first place. Immigration should appeal to you – just think about Melania and her parents.  

That’s about it from New Hampshire. Looks a good tomato year. Our local semi-pro baseball team, the Upper Valley Nighthawks, beat the Keene Swamp Bats recently. We got the rain we needed. All is good. Call if you need advice. I’m in the book.

From a Loyal Citizen, Henry Homeyer

Click here to see the open letter to Trump I posted last November. 

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