Jane Higgins at Thor’s Stone Athletic Club

Homegrown Super Hero: Jane Higgins Becoming a Legend

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All right all you millenials out there who love fictional super heroes and their mighty accomplishments, pay attention! I have a real-life Super Hero for you and she lives right here in Lebanon. Check this out.

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Jane Higgins is a 5-foot-2, 116 pound diminutive dynamo who will turn 70 years of age later this year and is out there shattering major national weight lifting records. She is living proof that age does not slow down the new breed of senior citizens. Not by a long shot.

Jane is a member of Thor’s Stone Athletic Club based at the CCBA in Lebanon which is a weight lifting club coached by the legendary Dartmouth Track Coach, Carl Wallin. Jane just got back from Buffalo, NY were she competed in the New England National Master Weight Lifting Competition. How did she do? The following is an excerpt from the New England LWC website.

“Jane Higgins set new National Master Records in the 53 Kilos Body Weight Class by duplicating her feat from a local meet in January (which established the New England Records) with six for six good lifts to boot. So the National Records now stand at 30kgs for snatch, 39 for clean and jerk for a record total of 69kgs. Ms. Higgins was also named Grand Master for her session. I am hereby proclaiming her Queen of The Universe because I am the Webmaster and I can do that! Huge congratulations to Jane and her coach, Carl Wallin, and everyone in The Thor’s Stone Athletic Club.”

Jane Higgins, center, and fellow competitors

Jane is back at the CCBA under the watchful eye of her coach and she has her eye on taking part in more competitions and setting more records. She took time from her busy schedule in the gym to explain how she got to this point in her quest. She and her companion, Joe Klindle, moved to Lebanon from the Concord, MA area back in 2011.

“We moved to Lebanon and started searching for a gym to workout in,” Jane explained. “We discovered the CCBA and I met Coach Carl Wallin and got introduced to the Thor’s Stone Athletic Club with members who are mainly senior citizens, I believe they range in age all the way to people in their 90s.”
She confessed to have always been a very competitive person when it comes to athletic endeavors. Her eyes light up when discussing competition. 

“I have always been a very competitive person, no doubt about that! Someone once said I had The Eye of The Tiger,” Jane proclaimed with a wide smile. “I was a competitive swimmer in high school and today I just love any competition. Coach Wallin was the perfect match because he believes everyone on the team should not just workout, but compete as well. I realize it is difficult for older people to compete, but he expects everyone to do so. I like that!!”

Thor’s club members

Carl Wallin, at age 76, had become a Hall of Fame caliber coach after a 40-year career as a Track and Field Coach at Dartmouth College. He had coached 29 All-Americans, 39 New England Champions, 87 Heptagonal top finishers and 15 IC4A and ECAC champions. During his coaching career, Big Green athletes have set every Dartmouth field event record. So how does this established legend view his budding protégé?

“One word would cover it but you would spell it with capital letters. That word is ENTHUSIASTIC!” he quipped. “Jane is simply terrific in every way. She is a very, very nice person and so much fun to be around. She is a dedicated hard worker, as well.”

Carl had pushed aside the typical image of a retired senior citizen and drew others to his cause.

“I retired in 2009 and wanted to keep busy. I started the Thor’s Stone Athletic Club here at the CCBA. The response has been very good. We have members that range from 24 to 94 years of age in this club. I encourage them all to compete in some fashion.”


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