Lebanon’s new City Manager Shaun Mulholland and Mayor Suzanne Prentiss

New City Manager – Right at Home

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Dave Nelson

Whether you believe in astrology or not, sometimes you just have to admit that on rare occasions all the stars appear to align perfectly! Fate intervenes to assure a perfect outcome.

Take the case of new Lebanon City Manager Shaun Mulholland and the City of Lebanon. Shaun and his wife Diane were entering the early stages of the empty nest syndrome with one daughter grown and on her own and another daughter just entering college. The City of Lebanon had been without a City Manager since March of 2016 when Dennis Luttrell was fired by the City Council after six months of service. The departure of Luttrell not only left a void in the City’s government, it had also generated its share of controversy as well.

That is when fate intervened, as it sometimes will. Shaun saw the opening in Lebanon and applied. He has been on the job since late January and as many can already attest, it appears certain to be a perfect match. How did all this come about for Shaun? More importantly why did he accept the challenge of a whole new career at age 49?

“I found Lebanon and the Upper Valley to be a very special place,” Shaun stated with a smile. “It has its own vibrant economy combined with a deep cultural heritage and is a very friendly place, indeed. We had come from the southern part of New Hampshire and it was quite a bit different. This area has such a different feel to it. It has an urban feel with so many things to do. We just love it!”

Shaun is a firm believer in transparency for city government and not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. Literally!

“Diane and I live in Emerson Gardens in downtown Lebanon and I get to walk to work. Doing that, I get to meet people and talk to them everyday. Leaving my position in Allentown, New Hampshire was a difficult decision for us to make, considering we had been in one place for 24 years.”

Shaun also has the reputation as a man with a plan who carefully charts each step along the way.
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“Before I accepted the position here in Lebanon, I visited the area eight times and watched all the videos of City Council meetings. I did a lot of investigating on my own before I accepted the position here. I just wanted to insure that this city’s government has continuity. That proved to be the case.”

Shaun knew just how to go about that task having served a stint as a Police Officer during his career. Now he turns his full effort toward the City of Lebanon and has quickly established his priority list.
“Number one on my list, of course, is transparency in City Government. Establishing self sufficiency for the Lebanon Municipal Airport is right there on top of my list, as well. We are working hard on that and believe we have a plan to do so. The airport is very important to this community. We also have to work on the housing situation here in Lebanon. A real shortage exists for quality housing for not only people relocating here and the elderly, but especially for first time buyers. We also must continue to market the Upper Valley to make it attractive for high-tech companies. I did my research and discovered that in the Upper Valley (including parts of Vermont) there are 84 high-tech companies. We must continue expanding that area.”

If you believe in fate, then the future of Lebanon looks bright and it appears that Shaun Mulholland’s steady hand on the tiller will guide us through masterfully! 


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