Summer’s Kaleidoscope

Donnie Perkins

Another Spring is gone and another Summer is here and I look around at all of this and wonder if this is identical to seasons past. That’s probably a little confusing to some, but I can create a kaleidoscope of summer activities beginning as far back as I can remember. And there’s a myriad of them, and I won’t even mention basking in the sun on the rocks at True’s Brook because I’ve done that a bazillion times in the past. That’s a given. What isn’t a given is riding into West Lebanon with my parents to get me a 9th birthday present at Bob’s Market, which sat across from Dairy Queen, and had a couple toys on the shelf that I fancied. There was playing baseball all over the valley with and against players I had read about in the local paper and loading into cars and vans for a road game in who-knows-where. Good times. There were good times walking the Glen Road at night after a spirited bowling match at Twin State Bowl on the Miracle Mile and eating at A&W where the waitresses brought the food and root beer right to your car. There was playing pick up baseball in the field that would one day house K-Mart, and me fidgeting with a transistor radio and almost walking off an embankment into the Connecticut River. And, there was hitchhiking from Plainfield to West Lebanon to knock on the doors of friends who lived on Route 12-A. There were once houses there, and getting across the old bridge that crossed the Mascoma River at the end of Glen Road was no small feat. The powers that be finally added a footbridge to it after years of near misses between scurrying pedestrians and automobiles, and I don’t recall anyone getting hurt.

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Yup, we had a ball and it’s all over but for the thoughts I have about those Summer days. And, if there’s an interesting footnote to this, it’s that there are more memories to be created. Getting ice cream at the Dairy Twirl has become routine and so has shooting the breeze with Doug and Tanya at their Boisvert’s Curbside Kitchen at Colburn Park. There is outside seating on the mall, and whether it’s Salt hill pub or Three Tomatoes Trattoria, there are memories in the making. Probably memories I won’t revisit for another twenty years when I’m feeling sentimental like I am right now.

Now I gotta go work on my tan. Thanks for listening!

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