A Whole New Gallery Opens Today in WRJ!

Lampscapes is now a fine art gallery as well as a lamp and fine art shade shop/workroom.

Lamspscapes, unplugged, redesigned, and revisited...

I couldn't stand it any longer. There was just too much amazing art hanging around in dark corners, under desks, beneath lampshade-making material. I just had to bring it out to see the light of day.

Lampscapes — now, the latest fine art gallery in WRJ!

While learning to make lampshades at Lampscapes at 77 Gates Street in White River Junction, VT, I found dozens of rather remarkable pieces of original art made by Lampscapes owner Ken Blaisdell. Ken, being the absolute perfectionist he is, rarely felt showing his paintings was worth doing. I convinced him otherwise. As a gallerist who used to own Long River Gallery in Lyme, NH and WRJ, VT, I guess Ken was willing to take me seriously — thankfully! The world really needs to see Ken's paintings and artwork. His is very fine artwork.

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So, I took time off from lampshade making and, yesterday and today, helped Ken unplug, take a deep breath, and start hanging his art on the walls in his showroom space. The results are nothing short of breathtaking. And the real magic happens when you walk in the door and see Ken's paintings right next to and surrounded by the best fine art lampshades in the world — also painted by Ken. You'll be sensually and artistically illuminated with a visit to Lampscapes here forward. 

Lamps and shades and now fine art paintings commingle and communicate softly with one another as you wander the nooks and cozy alcoves of the newly created Lampscapes showroom space.

There are paintings of all sizes, from 2 1/2 x 3 inches "smalls" to far larger sizes on canvas and board that will show off any space large or small in your home or office. The feel of the new space, adjoining Ken's workroom where he makes the world's finest lamps and shades, is so comfortable and alluring everyone needs to have a visit. 

Please tell your friends from out-of-town there's a whole new art gallery in White River Junction to add to the already burgeoning artist community there. And you, yourself, Upper Valley'ite though you may be, will absolutely want to explore WRJ and stop in at Lampscapes while you're there. Or, make a trip to see Ken and his very special and myriad artworks on and off fine art shades, acrylic on canvas, oil on board, and more. It's a true discovery, a gem of a place, and a great find. You'll be thrilled at what you see.

A whole new feel to the Lampscapes showroom, now with truly fine artworks large and small, created by artist Ken Blaisdell.

I guess that's my weekly installment from here. Hope to see you at Lampscapes next Wednesday when I'll get back to sewing shades to their bottom and top rings with different color of raffia (palm friend thread), then painting and finishing them for the whole world to enjoy as Ken mentors me in his quiet and steady way.

Oh, and First Friday is always a big ping pong party at Lampcapes, so please do visit between 5 and 8 pm on August 3rd as local bands play live music all around town. And get your game on before you come. There are some pretty good ping pong players around, and plenty who have never played before. All are welcome to come and join in the fun.


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