The Search for Hidden Treasures at Chelsea's Annual Flea Market

Flea Market vendor Peter Merriman of Duxbury wipes the dust from a group of mice who remain, permanently frozen, in a game of baseball.

Once again, thousands of people descended on Chelsea’s North and South Commons recently for the town’s annual flea market, which—despite the light summer rain— hosted dozens of vendors and sellers of all things useful, rare, old, and downright quirky.

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For artist Raye Brevdawells, the flea market presents an entertaining opportunity to find useful items for her shop in Washington, where she creates a variety of artwork. This year’s find: a small glass canister made of blue glass and a tiny clamp for holding equally tiny items steady.

For others, such as Peter Merriman of Duxbury, this meant it was time to bring out the market’s most unusual item for sale: a tiny taxidermied game of baseball between teams of white and brown mice, complete with billboard advertisements in the outfield.

“People come back every year to see this thing,” said Merriman. “Some people bring their kids up and say ‘I remember seeing this when I was your age!’”

Upon seeing the mouse-themed sports scene, six-year-old Sam Fucello of Cabot immediately asked if he could have the unusual display. “That depends,” responded Merriman with a seller’s instinct. “How much money do you have?”

Sam’s father, Paul, interjected with a laugh. “Not that much!”

A collection of photography equipment, and a few other odds and ends, populates a table at the 2018 Chelsea Flea Market.

Collectible spoons, beads, and other desirable items were on carefully arranged display.

A variety of belt buckles tempts the magpie mindsets of flea market shoppers. (Herald / Dylan Kelley)

Longtime Chelsea resident Bobby Hutchinson peruses the stalls and tents at the 2018 Chelsea Flea Market.

Randy Paton of Chelsea examines a small statue at the Chelsea Flea Market, which was held on July 14.

Raye Brevdawells of Washington proudly displays her flea market finds: a tiny clamp and a small canister.



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