Lupine: Now is the Time to Cut Them Back

Lupine are wonderful in June, and early July. But by now they are not so good looking. The seed pods are prominent, and they are total aphid magnets. Aphids love them! So this is the time to cut them back to the ground.

Lupine seeds do not usually breed true to color, year after year. And the seeds are unsightly. 

Mine have already sent up some new foliage, which I left in place when I cut off the tall stalks and seed pods. But if yours have not, they will.

Cut stalks back now if you haven't.

Of course, if you want more lupines, you can leave the stems and seeds in place. Be advised, however, that most are hybrids, and the colors from seeds will not necessarily be the color you have and love.

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By the way, if your daffodils still have foliage, you can cut it off if it hasn’t already disappeared on its own. And I have been vigorously removing all the dead leaves and plants from my thousands of self-sown forget-me-nots. 

These forget-me-nots have gone by, and I have pulled them. They'll be back next year.

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