From the Archives: British Officials Visit Brookfield Museum

Twenty-five years ago, East Brookfield was home to the Museum of the New Americas, which housed an unexpectedly valuable collection. Here’s an excerpt from one article about the museum, published in the July 29, 1993, edition: 

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East Brookfield’s Museum of the New Americas officially opened its British wing on Monday.

Present for the opening were representatives of the University of Vermont, Norwich University, and the British government.

England sent John Owen, it’s consul general, to the opening of the new wing—a testimony to the significant contributions that Earle and Josephine Newton are quietly making in East Brookfield.

Earle Newton, the founding director of the museum, has assembled the necessary ingredients for this growing Anglo-American studies center since his Fulbright visit to England in 1955, when the Newtons discovered that art by many 18th century British contemporaries were an exceptionally good value.

“These artists were in such disfavor their paintings were being removed from their frames which were considered far more valuable than the paintings themselves,” Newton sighed.

For 10 years Newton collected works. He amassed his collection of over 300 works, before the market suddenly dried up as other collectors took notice.


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