Thirsty Thursdays Charity Wine Series

Barnard Wine Event

Thirsty Thursdays is not only fun alliteration it is also a term sweeping the country these days.  Do any number of internet searches, and you will discover Thirsty Thursdays in Albuquerque, N.M., in Edwards, Il., in Thunderbolt, G....AND in our Own Barnard, Vt.

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The events generally lobby the public to partake in some form of food and wine sampling.  Tonight at the Barnard Inn & Max’s Tavern, for instance, Thirsty Thursdays Charity Wine Series’ proceeds will benefit the Thompson Senior Center. These Vermont evenings occur the last Thursday of every month.  Last June, the proceeds went to Zach’s Place and in August on Thursday the 30th the raised funds will go to the beloved Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society.

This collaboration is a link between the Barnard Inn & Max’s Tavern, whose gardens and site are lovely at this time of year, Woodstock Beverage and local distributors.  The event features 15 wines for $15 and tickets are sold both through the beverage store at 512 East Woodstock rd., as well as the Barnard Inn at Max’s Tavern.  The tasting is open to the public. (Tickets are $20 at the door-actual event.) The event is from 5pm-7pm.  Click here for the location.

With this rainy week and mostly grey skies upon us, it’s a beautiful drive up and over rolling hills, an oenophile’s fresh reward in a glass of burgundy or pinot waiting on the other side.


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