Now Showing in WRJ: Slo-Mo Lift Ballet

I took this photo a month or so ago ... when it wasn't raining. The giant lifts are still there and fun to watch.

I stopped by the Village at White River Junction the other day, looking to post a quick update on the latest construction progress at this ginormous difference-maker of a downtown project. It's been a daily spectacle, watching it go up, a slow-motion ballet of lifts hoisting workers and materials skyward.

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I approached the guy who looked like a guy in charge of a job site and said:

"Hi! You look like a guy in charge of a job site." I'm clever that way.

"Depends who's asking," he answered.

I explained -- new Hartford blog, quick updates around the community, blah blah -- and he shook his head no. He's not permitted to talk to people like me.

Which is okay, I guess, but a little sad. I like talking with the folks who do the work. But rules are rules. Maybe the marketing folks could post an update as a comment?

Until then, here's a video. You'll see what I mean by slo-mo.

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