This Just In: Garlic Scapes from Cornish ... and More Localness

Stopping by the Valley Flower Company this time of year is like stumbling into a farmer's market for flowers: cone flowers from Bethel, cottage yarrow from Plainfield, sedum from Woodstock and garlic scapes from Cornish. 

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How does this magic happen?

"A lot of times it's the grower coming in here and saying, 'I'm a grower, do you want my stuff?' " said Morgan Perrone, who owns the shop. Her answer is yes, as often as it can be.

"It lasts longer," she said, "and I like to support the local grower as much as I can."

Here's something else I learned on my visit: Morgan Perrone does not like having her picture taken. The best deal I could negotiate was a photo of her hand placing those lovely local flowers on a table.

It's okay, I'm patient. Next time I'm going for her forearm.


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