This is Garden Naked in the Rain Week!

Sitting at my computer this afternoon, there was a sudden downpour. I was hot, and ready to go outside. I striped down, got naked and ran out back. I loved the feeling of the warm rain on my body. I closed my eyes, tipped my head back, and let the rain wash my face. I felt like a little boy again.

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Gardening in the rain – clothed or naked – is good. Weeds pull easily. Just don’t walk in the beds. I saw a big dandelion and pulled it out, slowly, and it came, with its 12-inch long root.

This dandelion came right out.

I moved some Espelette peppers, a French hot pepper from the Bordeaux region of France, that were being overshadowed by some overly vigorous Sun Gold tomatoes nearby. And I potted up one of those peppers to bring in for the winter, hoping it will do as well as the jalapeños I brought in last winter.

This Espelette pepper will go back out to the garden, but come in before frost.

So if we have the rain we are forecast, and you have a private garden, get naked and do some work in the rain. If not? Wear a swim suit. It’s almost as good. 

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