From the Archives: A Letter to SoRo from Africa

Fifty years ago, a letter from Luella Foster was shared with The White River Valley Herald. Foster had previously spent two weeks in South Royalton. While serving in the Peace Corps in West Africa, Foster recalled her summer in South Royalton. Following are excerpts from her letter, published July 18, 1968:

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Three years ago we said goodbye after a happy two weeks of vacation church school. The experience of that summer has helped in my Peace Corps experience.

After months of training in Louisiana, the Virgin Islands, and Trinidad, we are finally in Africa, where I am working with other girls in public health.

Niger does not have any ports on the ocean, a fact which, together with a desert-type land, poses grave economic problems.

The cultural shock was tremendous at first. It makes you realize the true values in life and helps develop a longing for deeper friendships.

Please give my love to my hosts Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Eaton, and to the superintendent, Mrs. Richard Ellis.

I’ll never forget your band concerts in the park, July 4 on Silver Lake, hamburgers and hotdogs (haven’t seen those since America), bug collections and jokes in mountain fields of high grass. You are very much remembered.


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