What's Your Favorite Pick-Your-Own Berry Farm in the Upper Valley?

If there’s any reason to cheer about crossing into the last half of summer, it’s that the berries are coming in. Don’t think about how days are getting shorter (because they are, already) but that the heart of summer is now—and it’s ripe for the picking.

Blueberries and raspberries have arrived (and cherries too!), and if you haven’t made it a July/August tradition in your household to go pick your own, you really should. Because locally grown berries really do taste better. And because locally grown berries are everywhere.

Can you help us find all the best pick-your-own berry farms in the Upper Valley? Comment below and tell us where you like to go this time of year!

Then I’ll compile all your recommendations into a single post that lists the berry best. (Sorry, had to.)

My family’s favorite spot for blueberries?  That’d be Goulden Ridge Farm in Weathersfield, VT. What’s yours?

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