Who Gave You Permission, Piecemeal Pies?!

..totally stealing a line from Jonathan Van Ness of the new Queer Eye. But come on, Piecemeal Pies, you are fierce. This is what happens when you have, not one, but two life-callings. When you need to create beautiful spaces and to make delicious food. You open a restaurant and design the interiors, all in downtown White River Junction. Can you believe?

The open kitchen concept gives snoops like me

a chance to see where the magic happens.

Please, put on your espradilles and march yourself down to Piecemeal Pies to soak in the space. You may also order a tasty treat (because the food and drink are great, of course,) but it's the interior design, pieced together lovingly by Justin Barrett, chef and architectural whiz, that sings to me its siren call. I even plan my outfits to pleasingly coordinate with the ambiance. It's that inspiring. Something like this ensemble would be appropriate, if I didn't look a bit sausage-y in slim crop denim.

Justin knows how to curate the you-know-what out of an interior.

To create the easy breezy space on a tight budget, Justin...

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  • reused pendant light fixtures found in a friend's barn
  • laid down wood floors hewn from the old storage shelves in the Newberry Building's basement
  • when the storage-shelves-slash-wood-floors ran out, pieced in ceramic tiles conveniently delineating an "ordering zone"
  • laboriously refinished hand-me-down bentwood chairs from Rosey Jekes
  • hand-built tables out of affordable wood, painstakingly arranging wood grains for maximum aesthetic effect
  • constructed a bar in the window using painted lamp posts as bases
  • splurged on quirky, gorgeous wallpaper in the bathroom because he knows a nice bathroom tells the entire story of a restaurant

Almost, but not quite, twee.

Repurposed artwork and furnishings sit so pretty

in front of an effortless shabby chic brick wall,

that was in no way effortless. Just ask Justin.

Try and not pose when you're looking adorable

on one of these stools in the window.

This sweet little piece of heaven is a perfect example of the expression necessity is the mother of invention. Justin needed a place to share his delicious food and he needed to make it beautiful on a modest budget. He cobbled it together using ingenuity, a little luck, his critical designer's eye, and a huge dose of blood, sweat, and tears. Well, not literally, Sanitation Department-- that would be a bit unsanitary. But you get my point, Justin is pulled in two creatively opposite directions, and luckily, he's happy to share the fruits of his labor. If you need help with your outfit, shoot me a note...

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