Wash Your Car Today — That's Right, In the Rain

The rain makes for a great time to wash your car!

A Rainy Day — Don't Delay!

Today is car wash day for me. With a gentle rain,  it's a perfect time to get out the soap, sponge, and bucket and give the cars a good wash. I've been washing cars for a long time and have found that washing in the rain is ideal because:

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1. The soap doesn't dry prematurely in the hot sun making it hard to rinse off

2. The rain helps with rinsing, and

3. Getting outside on a rainy day makes for a great experience in nature.

Scrub a dub when natural rain-water abounds!

Some people suggest washing just AFTER it rains because pollutants can come down in the rain and stick to the car's finish. Think acid rain. They tell me that makes for a film on the car's finish that can do damage. But, I've kept cars for fifteen-plus years and have never had a problem with their finishes going dull. And I wash in the rain.

Another benefit of washing your car on a rainy/cloudy day is that when it comes to cleaning the interior windows, you don't have to worry about the sun and its streaking factor. Plus, it's always cooler inside the car on a rainy day than on a hot sunny day, so the sweat factor diminishes greatly.

Please share with readers in the comments below not just when you wash your car, but also any great car wash products you like to use. Thanks!

That's the news for today. Time to get out there and wash the cars here!


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