Bumblebee on some of our garden Lavender

Where do Bumblebees Sleep at Night?

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You'll be surprised at the answer


I've always been fascinated with Bumblebees. These chubby little creatures, it seems, can pack more activity into one day than I can muster for an entire year.

Just around twilight last evening - I wasn't sure if it was my imagination or a trick of nature -  many our resident garden bumblebees (Bombus hortorum) appeared to be mildly sedated, as if they were finished with their work day and needed a nap before heading back home.

Searching around a bit on the internet,  I found this short little article,  Bumblebees Sleeping in Flowers,  which matches perfectly what I've observed in my own garden with regards to the Garden Bumblebee . And while you're at it, enjoy my collection of bumblebee activity. 

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