It's Official: Mascoma River Greenway Opens

Abundant summer weather, sun-hatted Upper Valley residents, a speech or two, tables of Oreos and water jugs, and a harpist were all part of the Grand Opening of Lebanon's Mascoma River Greenway on Saturday morning. Two art installations were finally revealed. It's a story best told in pictures.

Harpist Deborah Bundy added a sweet note near the trail’s access across from Alice Peck Day Hospital.

Including time for stopping and chatting en route, our journey on foot took about an hour from one end to the other. 

A view from the bridge . . .

And, the ever-changing view is often easy on the eyes:

A view from a different bridge . . .

Two art installations, both at the far end toward West Lebanon, were unveiled. (To learn more about how they were chosen, click here.) Of her sculpture, Wheels (photo, top), artist Susan K. Johnson explains that “the waterwheel represents Lebanon’s first sawmill, built in 1763 . . . The steam engine wheel represents the railroad that arrived in 1847. The river and railroad tracks are a  map of the current MRG (Mascoma River Greenway), and the bike wheel is there because of the trail’s purpose today.” A second installation (photo, below) is Steel Umbrella, almost large enough to crouch under.

Artists Margaret Jacobs and Justin O’Rourke pose beside their umbrella sculpture.

Return trip? Edging ever closer to that daily and often-elusive 10,000 step goal. Creakier knees, achy hips . . . when what (and who) to my wondering eyes should appear? 

Saved by ice cream, courtesy of the Lebanon Police.

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