Wool Socks for Summer — Really?

Crazy comfy and fun colors, too!

Yes! The most comfortable footwear out there.

I’m not pushing a particular brand of sock, but the photo I grabbed happens to show the maker’s name. She’s in Norwich, VT, and her name is Jennifer of Heron Pond Designs. Of course, you can always knit your own but I happen to love her socks.  But, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

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The point of this piece is to let you know that wool socks are THE most comfy next-to-the-foot-wear for summer knocking around and flair. That means for hiking, biking, walking, trikeing, and just all around kicking around. They even add a measure of comfort to your most comfortable sandals and open-toed shoes. 

Why, you ask? Because feet sweat plenty in summer and wool naturally sucks moisture away from your skin keeping your feet dry and comfy. And if you go the hand-knit route, you’ll get much softer wool than any of the commercial brands. Plus, hand-knit wool socks breathe much better than the commercial garden variety wool sock that have too tight a weave to really breathe as well as hand-knit.

For me, it’s wool for my feet all summer long — and winter, too. Give it a try. Wriggle on into a nice pair of soft as lambs’ ears wool socks. You’ll love how your feet feel at day’s end!

Is anyone else out there a four-season wool sock fanatic like me? If so, let me know. Would love to hear about your summer footwear favs!


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