Final Answer: Affordable Housing Fund Expired In 2017

In a turnabout from the announcement at the June 28 meeting, the Selectboard has implicitly concluded that a $45,000 affordable housing revolving fund does not exist. There was once such a fund but it expired.

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The Affordable Housing Subcommittee has plans to draft a warrant for Selectboard consideration. The earliest it could go to voters is the November election because there is not enough time to warn the matter for the August primary vote.  

It seems regrettable that the Town was confused about the fund’s existence. The warrant authorizing the revolving fund and its expiration five years hence is in the  FY2012 Town Report at page I-6.* Not hard to find.

Indeed, the Selectboard, which then included four of the five current members, received a report from the Acting Town Manager at its February 28, 2018 meeting saying the fund had expired. The meeting minutes note that it is too late to place the matter on the March ballot. 

Perhaps the Town should create a tickler file or GTD system so that items do not fall through the cracks.  First item to date ahead: adopt Town Plan in 2025. 

Article 12. Shall the voters of the Town of Norwich appropriate $45,000 to recreate a revolving fund to initiate contracts to acquire land suitable for affordable housing, such amount being reason- ably necessary for the support of programs to benefit Town residents? This money will be returned to the General Fund at the end of five years.
Tom Gray spoke to this saying that they were trying to recreate a previous amount which was voted some years ago. It did expire after a few years and the ball was dropped in 2011. The Affordable Housing Committee has been reconstituted as part of the Planning Commission.
Irv Thomae spoke to this saying that an important factor to having a stable school tax rate is to have a stable population. (Yes, 628; No, 269)
POSTED: 07.19.2018 


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