Historic Covered Bridge Suffers Damage

Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge Sustains Damage

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An unsuspecting delivery truck driver from Nashau, NH apparently was not aware that his truck was too high and too wide, as he attempted to cross over the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge at approximately 9 am this morning. the bridge has a vertical clearance of 12 feet 9 inches. The registered height of the truck is 12 feet 7 inches. The bridge received minor damages, and was closed for approximately two hours, as a number of the bridge’s knee braces were struck. Local traffic was temporarily diverted. 

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New Hampshire DOT workers arrived shortly after the accident and removed 13 of the damaged wooden braces. In total,  25 of the braces were struck.  Knee braces placed at a 45 degree angle at the junctions of plates and columns, help provide lateral support.

To complicate matters, the driver was not able to continue his journey into Windsor, because the registered height of the truck he was driving exceeded the height of the Amtrak railroad underpass by more than two feet. The driver was stranded temporarily on Bridge Street in Windsor, as workers removed debris from the bridge and from the top of the box-style delivery truck. A few hours later, with the assistance of NH DOT workers and the Cornish Police Department, the driver was able drive his truck back over the covered bridge to Route 12A. DOT workers were not sure when repairs might be made to the bridge 

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