Foster Care

My first Foster Brother and I 37 years later

The cost of a Family

I was a Foster child, one that got sent too many different Foster Homes. I am not saying I was the problem but I could have done better as a child in need and needing a real home. I found so much love in every home I was in no matter how long I was there and I also found things far from love. I dealt with it in my own way at such a young age and my history what more could I do but to slide into first base like a champ. These day with the drug epidemic I can not even fathom the pressure on families to take in the numerous amount of children coming through the "system" let alone the over load of the court's and state trying to remain dedicated to the higher cause with little to no recognition for their efforts. I would like to stand up for those whom are at both ends of the spectrum as I have been there and done that myself. I have heard and believe that it take an entire village to raise a child and the song remains the same no matter who is singing it nor where they sing it! Let's stand Strong for our Children of all kinds...   

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