Recap: my Fine Art Shade Making Wednesday

My finished origami shade, hand stitched with honey tangerine raffia thread.

At Lampscapes in WRJ

I did it.  Well, almost.  I thought I’d gotten a beautiful origami shade made by hand stitching it with a lovely honey tangerine colored raffia thread but...

Ken’s art is everywhere inside the Lampscapes gallery. This “small” painting by Ken is one of dozens to choose from.

I learned the heavy, coated shade paper can be fickle when folded.  Once done, the paper on my shade today remained dented inwards in some spots. Ken Blaisdell, artist and my mentor told me this can happen when not enough vertical folds are made. 

Art shade and vase as made by Ken Blaisdell of Lampscapes. This is a new, low-profile base that is fetching on a small occasional table or counter space where beauty and light are desired.

The great news, though, is that Ken likes the colored raffia thread I found, so you may see this new innovation in fine art shades coming along more often. For people who want a white shade with just a touch of color, Lampscapes now has seven new thread colors from which to choose for a hand-stitched shade.

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My shade from today was a throwaway, but I learned what not to do next time. Onward I go, learning from my mistakes.

Another of Ken’s table lamps and hand-painted fine art shades. Art as light: it's a great stress reducer in your home.

Catch up with me next Wednesday at Lampshades at 77 Gates St., White River Jct., VT. Or visit sooner and have a look at the many dozens of fine art shades and custom-made lamps Ken has to illuminate your life and beautify your home, office, or any space you choose!


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