Something rises from the depths

Forces stirring below the surface rise to shake things up a bit

How do I do my interpretations?  While, indeed, a lot of it does involve simple intuition, I do have a number of technical methods that I use as well.  The obvious ones of course are the meanings of the cards themselves and their positions in the spread, and, as I've mentioned in an earlier post, I use a spread that involves connections between different positions rather than having each position exist independently of the others.  I also use a few other techniques, though.  Connecting cards by suit and examining the proportions of the suits is one, and looking for recurring numbers, like multiple appearances of fours, or sixes,  and of strings of numbers, like, 4,5,6, and 7, or, as in today's reading, 16, 17, 18, and 19 is another.  I also interpret recurring numbers within the spread as having a connection,  like sixes appearing in the second and fourth positions in today's spread, and also adopting the stance that the majors represent two sets of eleven cards, 1-10, and 11-20 (with the Fool and the World paralleling each other), to find further numerical connections, so, as in today's reading, the Tower, as the sixteenth major, counts as another six for this purpose.  

On to this week's reading...

This time around we'll use the Deviant Moon Tarot.

First card- universe/big picture- The Moon, realm of dreams, abstract symbolism, visions, and the subconscious. An interesting start. 

Second- point of view- The Lovers, while this can refer to love, or to emotions in general, it can also indicate the joining of two or more components in a relationship, at this stage implying not a total blending, but rather a union where all components still retain individuality and some degree of independence. 

Third- the meeting point of the first two cards-The Sun.  We have all majors here so far, lots of heavy archetypal forces. Inspiration, new knowledge and perspectives, new beginnings and the leaving behind of old things.

Fourth- active influences- Six of Swords-moving from a period of difficulty to something new and hopefully brighter, accomplished through some effort, bringing with you only the most essential. We may also have a connection with the Lovers here, let's see if this develops any further.

Fifth- passive influence-King of Cups- most interesting in light of the first card in today's reading, The Moon, as the King rules the deep levels of the subconscious, though his power only extends to there. The King embodies the concept of still waters running deep- not a lot of surface action but lots going on beneath it, and much power there. In light of this it seems appropriate that this card land in the Passive Influence position, implying deep forces at work under the surface but not emergent yet

Sixth- current, where things are going or can be directed-Three of Pentacles constructively applied skill and effort wherein you know and recognize your expertise and have confidence in it. Recognition for this will come, though perhaps not right now, but I feel that the recognition for the effort is important here. Effort is also a part of the fourth card, the Six of Swords- perhaps this represents the result of said effort? 

Seventh- comment on the spread-  Tower.  Destruction paving the way for something new.I can easily see the connection with the fourth card, the Six of Pentacles here, but the numerical connection also implies a tie to the second, the Lovers

Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation- Ace of Pentacles. Material matters, stability, practicality. I can definitely see this as a goal, and in light of this spread, the goal of stability in particular makes sense. 

Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation- The Star-the light at the end of the tunnel, the Star, the light of inspiration, itself the distant Sun, guides one along the path, ultimately filling one with new ideas and inspiration. Of note: in the order of the majors, the Moon appears between the Star and the Sun.   

Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth- Queen of Wands-wonderment, joy and deep amazement at life, these represent traits of the Queen.  One could say an awakened,or re-awakened,consciousness, which I see as relating to the third card, the Sun.

Key card- Temperance- all things in moderation, and the completion of the union of the Lovers, rather than existing as separate components, all come together and blend in harmony this time.  A most appropriate card to serve as the key given the Lovers' position as the second card, the point of view. 

Interesting that we have a string of cards here, 16, 17, 18, and 19. In the context of the majors, these tell a story of destruction of the old, seeing a new light, journeying through a dark and mysterious place, and then emerging renewed. This process plays a central role in the spread. The story that I see here implies that something in the deep mind brings about a union of elements, leading to an awakening and renewal, but one marked by endings and the requirement of  effort and mastery of the forces bringing about this union.  An initially difficult yet rewarding path that requires blending and integration of said elements in order to come to fruition.

We have a lot of Majors here, half of the spread, implying lots of archetypal forces at play. The other suits are balanced at one card each except Pentacles, which has two, implying that practical and material concerns have more significance here. The Ace of Pentacles landing in the eighth position in this spread, Will or the means of manifestation of Will, seems to back this up.

WRJ Tarot musings out.  See you next week!
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